Welcome to future collaborations

Ongoing projects

ACT-X: ML-assisted iron-loss analysis

Machine learing-assisited magnetic noise analysis in low-iron-loss soft magnetic materials.
  • iron loss
  • abnormal eddy current
  • nanocomposites

CREST: Synchrotron x-ray spectra analysis

Design the new nanocomposites with large magnetostriction & high magnetic susceptibily for sensor applications.
  • machine learning
  • synchrotron X-ray
  • half-metal Heusler alloy

JSPS: Magnetoelastic nanocomposites

Micromagnetic simulation for creating new magnetic domain & interaction between the different crystal structures and phases.
  • nanocrystalline
  • coercivity
  • magnetostriction

Magnetic noise simulation

Feature extraction from the measured time-series signals or spectra on the feature space using machine learning.
  • Barkhausen noise
  • microstructure
  • magnetic domain

Past projects

Solid state refrigerant for cooling

Tuning the temperature range of superelastic Ni-Ti alloys for elastocaloric cooling via thermal processing performed in the US.
  • elastocaloric
  • Ni-Ti alloy
  • solid-state refridgant

TMI: High corrosion protection

Combinatorial synthesis of nanocrystalline FeSiBPCuC–Ni–(Nb,Mo) soft magnetic alloys with high corrosion resistance.
  • Combinatorial synthesis
  • NANOMET soft magnets
  • High corrosion

New Galfenol magnetostrictive materials

Developement of new Galfenol magnetostrictive materials with high magnetostriction and low coercivity.
  • Magnetostriction
  • Galfenol
  • Doping enhancement

Nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia

Development of magnetic nanoparticles for the application of magnetic hyperthermia to kill cancer.
  • Heat dissipation
  • Neel relaxation
  • Brest cancer

Multiferroic nanoparticles for spintronics devices

Effect of cobalt-doping on the magnetic properties and crystal structure of delafossite AgFeO2 nanoparticles.
  • Multiferroic
  • Synchrotron X-ray